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Medical professionals from Sarasota Memorial Hospital have addressed people’s questions concerning the current health crisis Florida is facing. The first inquiry that has been thrown to them is if there are enough beds that COVID-19 patients can occupy when needed, especially at this point that the number of cases is increasing. To answer this question, the spokesperson of the said hospital disclosed that up to this date, they have 8 coronavirus cases admitted at its intensive care units and 27 other admitted patients who are in less critical condition. Subsequently, the hospital said that about 58 beds are available and they can add more if necessary.

The Director of Clinical Research at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Dr. Kirk Voelker, stated that the admissions are indeed increasing. From zero to one weekly to zero to one in a day, the average admission was at around 0.6. But now that the spread is continuously happening, the average has become 1.5, with one to two patients in a day. At this point, the hospital is not yet at the level to be overwhelmed. Since there are still available beds, the hospital can still manage and accommodate future patients.

The second inquiry the experts received is how people can stop the spread. There is a spiking number of cases in the state of Florida and it’s normal for people to get scared. However, there are still ways to get away from the virus-wear a face mask all the time and practice social distancing. These are the methods that will effectively prevent the spread, as one expert from the hospital said.

Dr. Manuel Gordilla, who is working as an Infectious Disease Specialist at the hospital, shared that wearing a face mask is a consensus as you are not only protecting yourself from the virus but other people too. It is an act that benefits everybody.

Currently, the average age of the patients admitted at Sarasota Memorial Hospital is 72 years old. 

Apart from this hospital, there are many health care organizations in Sarasota, FL trying to cope with the spreading virus and all the changes in the world that came with it. One of them is Florida Helping Hands, LLC, a home health care agency from Sarasota, FL. For any inquires you can contact them by clicking here.

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