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Care management is a client-centered approach to caring for those facing ongoing health challenges. Working with other health professionals and family, a care manager assists individuals with all aspects of their lives, including their medical, social, emotional, familial, fiduciary, and spiritual well-being.
Care Management in Sarasota florida

What is Care Management Service?

Our care manager has extensive skills and knowledge in the healthcare field that allow us to perform a comprehensive evaluation for each client. We assist the client and their family through health crises while providing oversight in the medical and personal care you need. A care plan tailored for each individual’s circumstances is prepared after the comprehensive evaluation.

While a majority of care management is focused on elderly individuals, we also well-versed in assisting clients of any age with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, autism, brain injuries, mental health problems, chronic and serious illnesses, and families in crisis.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Assisting with the monitoring of medications
  • Assisting families in positive decision-making
  • Finding appropriate solutions to avoid a crisis
  • Coordinating the efforts of key support systems
  • Overseeing and directing care provided in the home
  • Taking steps to establish a care plan and keeping it current
  • Advocating for the care recipient and their family caregiver
  • Coordinating medical appointments and medical information
  • Managing the care of a loved one on behalf of out of town clients
  • Developing long-term plans for individuals not currently needing care
  • Ensuring care is received in a safe and disability-friendly environment
  • Resolving family conflicts and other family issues related to long-term care
  • Conducting ongoing assessments to monitor and implement changes in care
  • Providing assistance with placement in assisted living facilities, adult family homes, or nursing homes
Care Management services in Sarasota florida
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