Medical Social Workers in Sarasota, FL
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Medical Social Workers in Sarasota FL

What Do Medical Social Workers Do?

The most important task for medical social workers at Florida Helping Hands, LLC is to work on the improvement of people’s well-being. We help patients and their families to soften the social, psychological, and financial difficulties related to serious health conditions.

Preventing illnesses through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is one of the key principles of our services.

Daily Activities of Medical Social Workers

Some of the medical social workers’ activities include:

  • Patient Initial Screening and Collaboration with Other Professionals
  • Patient Counseling
  • Patient Education
  • Planning a Hospital Discharge
Medical Social Workers in Florida
Medical Social Workers in Sarasota

Patient Initial Screening and Collaboration with Other Professionals

In cases where high-risk criteria are met, a social worker performs a comprehensive assessment of the patient. They assess a patient’s emotional, social, and financial requirements. The information is then shared with the members of the healthcare team to ensure the patient gets the best possible treatment.

Patient Counseling

It is often difficult to cope with the emotional response to illness for both patients and their families. Social workers provide necessary counseling on how to deal with the disease diagnosis and treatment process. They may also organize and lead support groups.

Patient Education

Medical social workers from Florida Helping Hands, LLC help educate patients and their families on community resources in Sarasota, Florida and give them more information about health insurance.

Planning a Hospital Discharge

When transferring a patient from a hospital to home, certain issues need to be addressed. The most important question is if the patient will get the proper care when discharged from the hospital. Medical social workers can connect patients with social service providers or arrange financial resources needed for paying for medical equipment.

How to Find a Medical Social Worker in Sarasota, Florida?

Are you looking for a medical social worker? Call our numbers or contact us online for more information. Our staff is happy to help you and introduce you to the services Florida Helping Hands, LLC offers.

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