Occupational Therapy in Sarasota, FL
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Occupational Therapy in Sarasota FL

With age, most seniors start losing parts of their independence and stop participating in daily activities they used to love. This is where occupational therapy comes in to help the elderly deal with these issues. We at Florida Helping Hands, LLC provide services that help your elderly loved ones to improve their life skills and to have a better life quality.

Seniors who need occupational therapy are those who have been affected by an injury, illness or memory loss. Occupational therapists at Florida Helping Hands, LLC will work with the elderly in restoring their self-reliance. The primary goal is to help seniors be their old selves again and live a normal life at home filled with various daily activities. Florida Helping Hands, LLC works with seniors on issues they can fix and things they can do. The main focus is on enabling the elderly to take care of their basic needs such as grooming, bathing, or dressing.

Occupational Therapy in Sarasota florida
Occupational Therapy services in Sarasota florida

Occupational therapy also plays a key role in dealing with patients who deal with memory loss. As the patient’s behavior changes, occupational therapists are there to access their cognitive ability and address the changes in their personality. Thanks to our personnel at Florida Helping Hands, LLC your loved ones will be able to live safely and independently while the therapist work on honing their remaining skills.

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

  • Going through and overcoming daily life challenges
  • Preventing falls and injuries
  • Helping seniors with modifications of their homes
  • Help with preparing food (healthier meals)
  • Cooperation with standard caregivers

Occupational therapy provided by Florida Helping Hands, LLC can be helpful to people off all ages. But, it is mainly focused on seniors who are facing mental, psychological or physical challenges. Our therapists are trained to work with seniors, family members, and other caregivers. As we mentioned the goal is to have a plan for your loved one which will improve their life despite the shortages they are currently facing.

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