Private Duty Nursing in Sarasota, FL
private duty nursing in Sarasota florida

Private Duty Nursing: Nursing from the Comfort of Your Home

What is private duty nursing?

Private duty nurses are specialized in providing one-on-one medical care services. All our nurses are either Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) which is a guarantee they are qualified for providing the customized care our clients need. Nurses at Florda Helping Hands, LLC offers the services not only in a patient’s home but in hospitals and nursing homes as well.

Is Private duty nursing different than our in-home care services?

Private duty nursing is different than traditional home care services. In-home care services target healthy seniors, who don’t need medical attention. Sometimes you can meet their needs by yourself or hire a professional caregiver to assist them with daily tasks.

Private duty nursing, on the other hand, is a service for patients who don’t find a family caregiver or home health aide skilled enough to meet all their needs. It includes advanced medical tasks, usually performed at nursing homes and hospitals

private duty nursing in Sarasota FL
private duty nursing in Sarasota

Have in mind that the list of the medical tasks performed by private duty nurses is not limited only to those listed above.  Throughout the certification process and experience working with different patients, they have learned to adapt to every patient. At Florida Helping Hands, LLC we know each senior is different and requires customized care.

Private duty nurses allow seniors to stay in their homes and still receive the medical care they need.

What private duty nursing services Florida Helping Hands, LLC offers?

Specialized care is provided by certified nurses who are trained to perform various advanced tasks, surpassing the regular caregiving activities. Private duty nursing includes service such as:

  • Personal medical care (cleaning oral cavity, trimming nails, etc.)
  • Setting up a medication schedule
  • Assisting with medication intake (oral medications, eye drops, injections)
  • Urinary catheter maintenance
  • Using heart monitors
  • Keeping track of oxygen levels
  • Seizure control
  • Tube feedings, etc.

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