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Private Duty Social Services in Sarasota, FL
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private duty social services in Sarasota florida

When referring to social services, people usually attribute it to the public health sector. However, these days, you can be provided with private duty social services available at your doorstep. In Florida Helping Hands, LLC at Sarasota, Florida we deal precisely with people who are in need of social services through our private duty social services program.

This program offers our patients a variety of services that can be either short-term or long-term in scope. The goal is to assist our patients with their daily needs, which may vary from nursing care to education and community management. In the end, what you will receive is the chance to live independently in your own home so far as possible.

The private duty social services that are provided by our agency could be financed through medical insurance or paid privately. Regardless of the manner of payment, the services you are going to receive will have the same high-quality standards. Our staff is trained to offer assistance in a variety of services, all depending on individual needs.

private duty social services in Sarasota, FL
private duty social services in Sarasota, FL
Through our agency, you will be connected with our social services worker who is trained to take care of patients and implement themselves in the life of a patient and his/her family with the goal to help them deal with new situations, assess patients needs, develop coping strategies if needed, and provide mental and emotional care and relief.

Just some of the services that you will receive through our private duty social services include:

  • Personal care which includes bathing, grooming, helping in and out of bed.
  • Buying and administration of medicines.
  • Preparation of meals, homemaking, and laundry.
  • In-home supervision.
  • Arranging of transportation (medical appointments, shopping).
  • Counseling.
  • Coordinating healthcare services.
  • Maintaining communication with doctors, nurses, and parent home health agencies.
  • Keeping track of patient’s physical, mental, and emotional condition,
  • Offering a full understanding of federal, state, and local healthcare standards and regulations.

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