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Private Duty Speech Therapy in Sarasota, FL
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private duty speech therapy in Sarasota florida

Private Duty Speech Therapy

Do you or your loved ones have a speech disorder and want to treat it, but are tired of frequent visits to the doctor’s office? At Florida Helping Hands, LLC we have the right solution for your needs with our private duty speech therapy program. Our agency has expertise in the area of providing seniors with speech therapy in the comfort of their homes.

At Florida Helping Hands, LLC we take a lot of pride in our speech therapy program as it allows seniors to overcome their disability and continue to enjoy their life. The skilled professionals that are employed by our agency work with the elderly on overcoming their condition with the aim of accurately diagnosing speech disorders and restoring lingual function

Our private duty speech therapy program focuses on fixing speech disorders that vary from communication and language impairment to cognitive and swallowing disorders. At Florida Helping Hands, LLC we begin by establishing a connection with our clients to better understand their condition, capabilities and needs.

private duty speech therapy in Sarasota, FL
private duty speech therapy in Sarasota, FL
The three most significant issues we focus on are communication, cognitive problems, and trouble with swallowing.

Regarding communication, our skilled aides are trained to help patients who suffer from aphasia, dysarthria, and general communication disorders. By working with the elderly in their homes, our caregivers will first try to help to establish communication between a patient and his family member. Depending on the patient’s condition our aides will help them with simple tasks such as talking on the phone. Then we progress to medium difficulty tasks such as speaking with the help of pictures or icons, and, finally, more challenging tasks such as teaching seniors how to use oral motor and breathing exercises., We also aim to educate family members on the patient’s condition to augment our therapy program.

People who have cognitive impairment due to conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or solely from old age can also benefit from speech therapy. Our caregivers will work with patients and their families to educate them about speech therapy, create and develop cognitive tasks, work on problem-solving, and help with visual and auditory issues.

At Florida Helping Hands, LLC we also provide patients with high-end care if they have dysphagia, more commonly known as difficulty swallowing. This can happen to anyone at any stage of life due to illness or injury and can result in aspiration, pneumonia, and weight loss. In order to prevent these serious health issues, our skilled staff helps older adults with swallow strategies, train them with oral motor skills, and assist them with creating an appropriate diet.

Contact Florida Helping Hands, LLC on (407) 377-7525 to schedule an appointment with our skilled speech therapists and look forward to better health and communication.

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