Speech Therapy in Sarasota, FL
speech therapy in Sarasota florida

What Is a Speech Therapy?

Are your loved ones having speech or language problems? Perhaps they have swallowing issues?

There are numerous reasons why people have these issues. Some problems start early in childhood, while others can happen as a result of an illness or injury.

Speech therapy includes exercises that help in overcoming difficulties with speech, language, even with swallowing and cognitive-communication. It begins with assessing each individual to determine the source of the issue and the approach for solving it. Exercises may involve different activities and tactics, depending on how severe the problem is

Who Is a Speech Therapy for?

Speech therapy for adults targets people with speech disorders, language disorders, and various medical conditions.

Does your loved one have voice disorders, dysarthria, aphasia or apraxia? Have you noticed they have begun stuttering recently?

Are they diagnosed with dementia? Are they recovering from laryngeal or oral cancer?

Perhaps they had a stroke and their speech ability deteriorated?

If the answer to any of this question is ‘yes’, your older adult can get benefits from speech therapy exercises.

speech therapy in Sarasota, FL
speech therapy services in Sarasota, Florida

How Long Does a Speech Therapy Last?

The duration of the therapy depends on several factors and it is often difficult to estimate how long it will last. When talking about the amount of time that an adult needs therapy the most important factors are age and how severe the speech disorder is. Next, the frequency of the therapy needs to be taken into account, as well as an underlying medical condition and its treatment.

How to Know if a Speech Therapy Will Be Successful?

The successful rate also depends on the factors listed above. It is important not to give up regardless of the severity of the condition. Hire a speech therapist for your loved one and watch them get their skills back step by step.

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