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Wound care is a must-have service in the home healthcare industry. You no longer can imagine owning an agency without providing this type of service for your patients. Because of this, at Florida Helping Hands, LLC in Sarasota, Florida we offer a quality service for wound care through our trained and experienced caregivers.

Our staff is trained in managing wounds and following the recuperation process. The caregivers we provide to our clients are also trained in using devices needed for dealing with injuries. They are adept at choosing and administering the right products for wound management.

At Florida Helping Hands, LLC, we train our staff to be able to answer every need of a client who has wound issues. We understand that wound care is much more than simply cleaning and monitoring an injury. We work hard to help our patients in a variety of ways, including: :

Improving the patient’s comfort

  • Spending extra time to help clients heal faster
  • Putting an end to complications
  • Teaching the patient how to dress and undress more quickly, despite their wounds
  • Improving the patient’s chances of full recovery

At our agency, our caregivers are trained to assist patients while they are in the hospital and upon their return home. Our trained caregivers and skilled nurses stand out during the transition from hospital to home. Making this change smoothly is essential for our patients’ well-being. This level of service and care what you will receive upon contracting Florida Helping Hands, LLC.

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The caregivers at Florida Helping Hands, LLC are trained to accommodate the patient’s individual recovery regime. A specialized program is uniquely tailored for every individual patient. Depending on their needs and severity of wounds, our staff can provide clients with:

  • IV therapy at their homes, in case of an infection
  • Exercise therapy designed to improve endurance, strength, and the ability to fulfill daily duties quickly
  • Help with administering medication
  • Personal care with tasks such as bathing or grooming
  • Cooperation with outside factors, such as buying medical equipment, coordination with social services, and/or transportation

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