Today marks the day of anticipation and the day of jubilation. Vaccination day! I take this vaccine in honor of all of the lives lost to Covid.

  • For all of the patients, myself and coworkers have watched die slow and painful deaths from a suffocating disease
  • For all the non-Covid patients who had to die alone because of Covid restrictions
  • For all of the family members who never got to say goodbye to those loved ones
  • For all of the workers who lost their jobs and their homes.
  • For those still struggling to feed their children
  • For all of the healthcare workers who spent months in their garages, missing their children’s milestones
  • For the scientists who worked around the clock to develop the immunization
  • For the spouses who lost their partners but still fought to get home to their children
  • For all of the non-Covid patients who died at home from heart attacks, strokes and cancer because they were too afraid to come to the hospital or their surgeries were cancelled.
  • For the community, I dearly love that would shower us with food, homemade masks and stand outside cheering us on as we reported to duty
  • For the brave housekeepers who took out the tons of trash generated by PPE and cleaned the bathrooms where I would retreat and bawl when I just had to breakdown
  • For the Starbucks baristas who showed up and gave me free coffee and praise on my way to Covid Island
  • For my family who prayed for me without ceasing while loving me from afar and worrying for our lives

    What a victorious end to 2020!!

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